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For employers
A big part of your energy is taken by everyday household works, it often seems that namely these responsibilities tend to occupy most of your time.

Our company enables you to find a housekeeper to give you a hand with teaching and looking after children, cleaning, cooking, minor repair works and in the garden etc. Using the services of the people included in our database you find more time to devote to your career, self development, studying, taking up a new hobby or just to go out in the evening and have a babysitter to take care of the children.

For finding the personnel with required skills and characteristics we offer you the following opportunities:

•  choose the employees available with the specific qualifications from our web site(e.g. babysitters), to order an account of personal data and curriculum vitae, to choose an employee with suitable criteria, to inform him/her about vacancies and to agree on terms and payment;
•  have a right to choose between jobseekers with different qualifications together with personal data and resume throughout the whole database within 3-, 6- or 12 months, to find suitable candidates, to contact them and to agree on terms and payment;
•  order a specific service from our company on the basis of price list ( the services ordered from the company include a contract and a guarantee).

Our web site contains a code and a brief account of personal details of every jobseeker aimed to provide the first overview of the applicants included our database.

By contacting us you receive more thorough information about jobseekers, the results of the tests and contact data.

For job seekers
To join the database you need:

•  fill in the form in our office, bring along passport, work record, a passport photo;
•  an interview with our employee, the test.

After testing and succeeding a trial for a job, an applicant may draw up the contract with our company.